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Healthy Fields

Field Services Annual Report by Matt Raymond - Director

The Field Services department covers a broad range of seed and grain services.  Under our various accreditations, we conduct field inspections for certification, phytosanitary, and weed-free forage programs during the growing season.  After inspections end in autumn we move to the greenhouse and lab and spend our time conducting trait purity and adventitious presence testing.

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Quick Scan GMO Testing

Field Services Update by Matt Raymond

Back in 2012 Illinois Crop Improvement purchased the QuickScan System from Envirologix. The QuickScan System is a lateral flow strip reader device that can provide quantitative results. The initial use of the QuickScan system was predominately for mycotoxin testing in our Identity Preserved Grain lab. In addition to the mycotoxin testing strips used on grain, Envirologix also offers quantitative GMO test strips for use with the system. Per customer requests, we added GMO testing for corn to our standard services that utilized the QuickScan in 2015. Then in the summer of 2018, we upgraded our equipment to the new QuickScan II System scanner.

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Watch for Flags

Field Services Report by Matt Raymond, RGT - Field Services Director

Phytosanitary Field Inspections
IL Crop’s accreditation to perform phytosanitary field inspections is granted through the National Seed Health System (NSHS). To maintain our phytosanitary field inspection accreditation IL Crop must pass a NSHS re-accreditation audit of our inspection process every three years. NSHS audited our systems this summer and we have passed and been re-accredited for another three years.

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Field Services Report Report

Field Services Report Report by Matt Raymond, RGT – Field Services Director

The Field Services department serves two different aspects of the seed industry, field inspections and trait testing. During the traditional crop growing season field inspections compose the majority of the services. Traditional inspections provide an assessment of the purity of the field that is used to help determine the quality of the crop, while phytosanitary inspections are performed to assess fields for diseases and are utilized for moving seed internationally. After harvest, the inspection season comes to an end and trait testing begins in the lab and greenhouse. The testing covers a wide range of methods that are used to assess the trait purity of seed lots or GMO contamination levels in grain and seed.

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