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Your Fast Track to Seed Commercialization

Plant breeders, trait technology developers and other ambitious seed innovators like you can take advantage of a unique pathway to the market with Illinois Crop Improvement Association.

Unlike other third-party sources, the ICIA provides unrivaled technical expertise in seed testing, field inspection and process auditing on two fully functional and fully integrated farm-laboratory operations—one in the Midwest and one in Puerto Rico.

This means the window for ideal growing conditions never closes, giving you access to a continuous nursery resource for:

  • Faster genetic gain and trait introgression
  • Smarter niche-market product development strategies
  • More dynamic seed certification capabilities
  • More comprehensive seed processing and auditing programs

Let's start a new project today!

Historically Valuable

First designated as the official seed certifying agency for the state of Illinois in 1936, Illinois Crop Improvement Association has become one of the most dynamic third-party seed research and development partners for agricultural product innovators around the world.

Management Team

Doug Miller, RGT
Chief Executive Officer

Doug has been with Illinois Crop Improvement since 1994, having worked in the trait testing, field inspection, and winter farm service areas before becoming CEO in 2013. He has a BS in Botany from Eastern Illinois University and an MS in Plant Pathology from Kansas State University, serving as a Research Assistant at the Wheat Genetics Resource Center. He has served on the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA) board of directors since 2018. Doug has served as a council chair for the Northern Region for the Certification Requirements and Standards Council and, from 2020-2021, served as President of AOSCA. He also chaired the search committee for AOSCA’s new CEO and represented AOSCA on the Policy and Procedures Advisory Board of the National Seed Health System. Doug is also a Registered Genetic Technologist and has served as President of the Society of Commercial Seed Technologists. He also serves as the Seed Quality and Testing Chair for the Seed Science Foundation.

Hannah Hudson
Operations Manager

Hannah joined Illinois Crop in 1979 in what is now known as the Tags and Records unit. She has worked in every department at Illinois Crop during her career, from planting and corn purities to Puerto Rico growouts and field inspections. Hannah helped move Illinois Crop from typed reports to a computerized system that has served the company for decades. As Operations Manager, she leads the company in the areas of accounting, quality management, and human resources. She is a graduate of Parkland College and Eastern Illinois University, obtaining her undergraduate degree while working full-time at Illinois Crop. She is a trained lead auditor, Quality Manager and has been recognized for her outstanding service to the Illinois Seed Trade Association.