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IPG Testing

Grain Composition Quality & Processing Characteristics

Develop and validate the ideal performance characteristics, chemistry composition and processing methods of your niche-market grains with Illinois Crop Improvement’s dynamic Identity Preserved Grain (IPG) Lab services. Whether you’re breeding or growing for dry milling, wet milling, oilseed crushing, feed production or any number of other specialty applications, Illinois Crop has the expertise to support you in the optimization of your systems and results.

Crops & Kinds  

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IPG Test Functions

Food-Grade Bundles
Ethanol Fermentation Yield
Nitrogen Solubility Index
Protein, Oil, Fiber, Moisture
Starch Content
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Identity Preserved Grain Laboratory Staff

 Megann Coad
IPG Lab Supervisor

Megann Coad joined Illinois Crop Improvement in May of 2023. Megann is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the IPG Lab, including personnel and equipment management, as well as scheduling and performance of tests. Megann has previous experience in industry laboratory operations and has a degree in Biological Sciences from Illinois State University.