Seed Laboratory and Trait Testing Services

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small_germinatorWell-known for their leadership in corn, soybean and small grains, Illinois Crop’s Registered Seed Technologists (RST) have the credentials and technical competency to serve all seed markets, including sunflower, cotton, sorghum, oat, rice, vegetables, turf grasses, forages and more.

Illlinois Crop's Registered Genetic Technologists (RGT's) work with you to help ensure you deliver, as promised, the traited or non-GMO seed products your customers expect. With the challenges and the opportunities facing agriculture today comes a greater expectation regarding the trait purity of your products.

Whether it involves testing for genetic purity and trait uniformity or consulting with you to evaluate and develop your products to meet specific market needs, Illinois Crop Improvement Association works with you to help ensure the purity and integrity of your seed.

Looking for winter growout information? Illinois Crop offers winter growouts in Puerto Rico for several crops because the ultimate growout is in your customer's field.

Seed Laboratory, Greenhouse and Trait Testing Scope of Services:

Crops and Kinds: Row-Crops, Forage, Grains/Cereals, Grass/Turf, Native Species, Vegetables and more.

Tests Offered: Germination, Seed Purity, Seed Vigor, Seed Count, TZ, All State Noxious Weed Exam, Herbacide Bioassay, ELISA, Non-GMO and other seed testing capabilities.

Data Delivery: E-mail notifications, E-mailed pdf reports, on-line access with quick view, search, sort and download capabilities across multiple years. Custom file transfers direct to your system.

Accreditation: ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratories. View our accreditation and methods including AOSA Rules, AOSA Recommended Procedures and industry established methods for trait testing.

Special Services: Seed corn sizing, data sharing, files for uploading data and market consulting services


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