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Continuous Change in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Winter Farm Annual Report by Lizandro Perez - Station Manager 

Winter nursery services over the last few years have been very dynamic and challenging. Changes in customer requests, hurricane María, earthquakes and the pandemic have impacted our operations. 

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Winter Farm Visitors

Puerto Rico Winter Farm Report by Lizandro Perez

The Winter Farm has had several visitors starting with returning customers visiting their growouts and nurseries here in Puerto Rico. A few corn nurseries were planted relatively early this year resulting in two visitors in November ahead of the usual December and January. A group of north-central region department heads, agronomy and soil science, also toured the farm on Jan 8th. 

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Two Years After Maria

Puerto Rico Winter Farm Report - by Lizandro Perez, Station Manager

Two years after Hurricane Maria and I can say that most things are back to normal with the exception of some families that are still using tarps on their roofs because they have not had the chance or the resources to fix their houses. Some of the island infrastructures are pending repairs or the repairs are in progress. We are on the peak of the hurricane season and the farm area is still under a severe drought, but it may change soon because the farm received some rain and we are expecting more rain during the month of September. 60% of the island is under normal weather conditions. The water we use for irrigation is from deep wells and the levels are normal.

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Road to Recovery

Puerto Rico Winter Farm Report by Lizandro Perez – Station Manager

2018-19 was a good season for the farm. In terms of weather no storms affected the island. While part of the island had abnormally dry weather or moderate drought we received what we needed in the way of rains by late May. Most of the farm's available acreage was planted. New crops and new projects were also planted and a couple of new clients started using our farm services. New crops included mung beans and cowpeas. New projects were sorghum growouts and sunflower nursery requiring emasculation.

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