Deadlines for Certification/Field Inspection

A timely application means a timely field inspection. To certify crops IL Crop must inspect the field at the proper life stage or maturity stage of the crop. Late applications can also cause you to miss out on being listed in the directory. The Grower’s Directory is a marketing and advertising opportunity that you should take advantage of. Your membership dollars and field inspection fees go farther when you are being listed in both the on-line and print versions of our publications. Applications for Certification/Field Inspection can be found under Forms. Sign up for E-Updates for deadline reminders and deadline extensions due to weather conditions at planting.

May 1

Winter Grains (Barley, Rye, Wheat)
June 1
Hybrids (Corn, Sorghum, Broomcorn, Sunflower)
Spring Grains (Barley, Oat, Rye)
Source Identified Program (Native Species)

June 15
Soybean (Herbicide Tolerance Inspections)
July 1
Soybean (Foundation/Breeder/QA Parent)
August 1
Soybean (Certified/Registered/QA/Commercial)
Weed Free Program - 14 days prior to each cutting
All Other Crops - May 1
Phytosanitary Only - At Flowering
Puerto Rico Inspection Services - Prior to Planting

Looking for other Deadlines?
NVRB deadlines can be found at
South American Seed Multiplication Agreements here

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