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Quality Counts

Identity Preserved Grain Lab Report

The 2019/2020 Corn Harvest Quality Report is now available from the US Grains Council. The Identity Preserved Grain Lab provides much of the quality and composition testing for the report through the Centrec Consulting Group. The report provides transparency about crop conditions and consistently establishes the United States as the world's most reliable supplier of quality corn.

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Workshop March 11th

CEO Report by Doug Miller

The 34th annual IL-IN Seed Conditioning Workshop will be March 11, 2020, in Urbana, Illinois. The day will kick off with Alan Gaul, Iowa State University, and A "Trip Through the Plant" - Air Screen, Sizing and Gravity. As always seed treatment topics are included along with plans for a panel discussion currently titled Seed Treatments - Current and Future Application Technology, PPE and Other Plant Considerations. The program will also have sessions on the future of seed conditioning, organic seed handling, safety and pride in the workplace. Mark your calendars – March 11, 2020 – IL-IN Seed Conditioning Workshop

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Winter Farm Visitors

Puerto Rico Winter Farm Report by Lizandro Perez

The Winter Farm has had several visitors starting with returning customers visiting their growouts and nurseries here in Puerto Rico. A few corn nurseries were planted relatively early this year resulting in two visitors in November ahead of the usual December and January. A group of north-central region department heads, agronomy and soil science, also toured the farm on Jan 8th. 

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Quick Scan GMO Testing

Field Services Update by Matt Raymond

Back in 2012 Illinois Crop Improvement purchased the QuickScan System from Envirologix. The QuickScan System is a lateral flow strip reader device that can provide quantitative results. The initial use of the QuickScan system was predominately for mycotoxin testing in our Identity Preserved Grain lab. In addition to the mycotoxin testing strips used on grain, Envirologix also offers quantitative GMO test strips for use with the system. Per customer requests, we added GMO testing for corn to our standard services that utilized the QuickScan in 2015. Then in the summer of 2018, we upgraded our equipment to the new QuickScan II System scanner.

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