Identity Preserved Grain Lab Report

The 2019/2020 Corn Harvest Quality Report is now available from the US Grains Council. The Identity Preserved Grain Lab provides much of the quality and composition testing for the report through the Centrec Consulting Group. The report provides transparency about crop conditions and consistently establishes the United States as the world's most reliable supplier of quality corn.

Our lab provides data for the report including physical attributes such as stress cracks, kernel weight, kernel volumne, true density and horneous endosperm. Mycotoxins are an important factor and we provide the aflatoxin, DON and fumonison testing as well. The composition of the grain includes protein, oil and starch. The Champaign Danville Grain Inspection Service does the official grading, moisture, damage and other factors. 

According to the USGC "Developing a report of this scope and breadth in a timely manner requires participation by several individuals and organizations. The U.S. Grains Council (Council) is grateful to Steve Hofing, Lee Singleton, Lisa Eckel and Alex Harvey of Centrec Consulting Group, LLC (Centrec) for their oversight and coordination in developing this report. A team of experts provided analysis and writing support. External team members include Drs. Tom Whitaker, Lowell Hill, Marvin R. Paulsen and Fred Below. In addition, the Council is indebted to the Illinois Crop Improvement Association’s Identity Preserved Grain Laboratory (IPG Lab) and Champaign-Danville Grain Inspection (CDGI) for providing the corn quality testing services. Finally, this report would not be possible without the thoughtful and timely participation by local grain elevators across the United States. We are grateful for their time and effort in collecting and providing samples during their very busy harvest time." 

The full report can be viewed at 


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