Enhancing Your Seed Quality Systems

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You've established a marketable, premium seed product. Now, leverage the technical capabilities and quality-control design and auditing experience of Illinois Crop to ensure it's produced, processed and      delivered to specifications.

Uniquely qualified to understand your seed's distinctive value characteristics—and the production and handling requirements they may present—Illinois Crop can support you through one or all phases of your quality management program, from breeding, planting and growing your seed crop, to field inspections, sampling, processing and bagging.

Learn more about how Illinois Crop can serve in any QC capacity you need.

See more information about Illinois Crop's field services.

Producers of Crop-Based Goods

If you buy highly specified grain or other ag products to produce food, fuel, textiles, inks or any other crop-based goods, Illinois Crop's complete quality management solutions can support your procurement efforts to ensure you get exactly what you need.
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