Seed Certification

The Illinois Crop Improvement Association certifies seed for varietal purity and identity under a limited generation system. Information concerning germination and mechanical purity, such as percent inert matter and percent weed seed, must comply with state and federal seed laws.

Certification of seed is a multi-step process that begins with the proper introduction of new varieties or lines to the system. All laboratory, bulk transfer, field inspection, seed source, limited generation requirements must be met before tags or certificates are issued. 

Quality Assurance (QA), Identity Presserved (IP) and other authentication programs are also available as third-party services.

Download a Seed Directory for more information on certifing seed in Illinois.

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Seed Directory and Association Information

For more information on Plant Variety Protection, proper PVPA statements, bulk transfer, bulk sale, recognized classes of seed, approved conditioners-samplers, and Illinois Crop Improvement's seed certification procedures, download a copy of the current Seed Directory.

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Illinois Crop Improvement Association is a member of the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA).

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