Field Inspection and Phytosanitary Services

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You can rely on Illinois Crop for all kinds of inspection, audit and certification programs, including coordinated multistate programs.

    • Phytosanitary field inspections—accredited by the National Seed Health System.
    • Purity, isolation and pollen-control inspections—for Certification, Quality Assurance, Identity Preserved.
    • Custom field-inspection programs and Field Inspection(FI)only options.
    • Wildland Collected Native Seed (Source ID) and Weed-seed Free Forage and Mulch programs
    • On-farm assessments of compliance for Insect Resistance Management (IRM).
    • Intellectual property rights, trait stewardship and third-party research and assessments.

—and more.  

Looking for corn isolation standards? As a courtesy to our Illinois growers we have posted this corn isolation quick reference. Note that standards may differ from state to state. Field Inspection Price List.

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 Accredited | Illinois Crop is accredited under the National Seed Health System to perform phytosanitary seed crop field inspection of corn, soybean, wheat, sunflower, sorghum bicolor, and cotton. Illinois Crop phytosanitary field reports can be used to obtain Federal Phytosanitary Certificates. Visit for more information on the national Seed Health  System. Phytosanitary Statement for seed importers and exporters.   Phytosanitary Certificate Contacts for Illinois.

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