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COVID-19 Operations Statement: We continue to make every effort to maintain our level of service while protecting the health of all involved. We appreciate your business and only ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to provide breeding, growout, and research services throughout the year. Farm visitors should contact the Puerto Rico office by phone at (787) 260-0022 to announce their arrival and receive further instructions by phone. Please do not enter our office or shop facilities in Puerto Rico unless you are instructed to do so. You will be advised of all of the procedures that must be followed on-site during your visit. In essence, you will be asked to stay in your vehicle unless you are at your field site or it is essential that you have access to the office or shop area. We appreciate your business. Thank you. (10/20/2020)

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Now more than ever we would like to know your anticipated scope of work. If you are unable to travel we have a wide range of experience in pollinating, reading, and conducting research on all of the crops that we work with. Please let us know how we can help and how we can ensure your work continues.  

As you know it takes good people to get the job done. We are proud of the work that is being accomplished under some difficult circumstances. Together we can ensure your work will continue. Again, please communicate your counter-season and continuous-nursery needs to us as they develop.

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Puerto Rico Winter Farm Forms and Information



Shipping Information
Corn Growout Packaging Instructions
Corn Nursery Packaging Instructions
Directions from San Juan to Ponce
Overview Map from Arus to the Farm
GMO Declaration Form
Hotel & Rental Car Information
IL Crop Supplies
Location of Farm
Responsibilities & Agreements
Sunflower Growout Packaging Instructions

Puerto_rico_cornIllinois Crop operates a winter farm in Puerto Rico, where the growing conditions are ideal due to the region’s warm climate, rich soil and drip irrigation system.

Illinois Crop has over 30 years of experience on the island. While not without its challenges Puerto Rico offers one of the best options for winter work for plant breeders and seed producers. The farm also supports other seed companies on the island by offering seed certification and phytosanitary inspections.

Further, the Puerto Rican south coast offers several advantages over other common winter-farm locations.

Puerto Rico vs. Florida


No risk of freezing temps in Puerto Rico.

Consistent daytime temps in the high 80s with evening temps never falling below 60.

The tropical speedup phenomenon that results in faster turnaround times.


Puerto Rico vs. Hawaii

The commute to Puerto Rico is shorter and less costly.Hawaii_corn

Shipping from Puerto Rico to the Midwest is faster and less expensive.

In comparisons of the same seed planted in Puerto Rico and Hawaii on the same date in November, the Puerto Rican plot was almost two weeks ahead of the Hawaiian plot at harvest.

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