Identity Preserved Grain Lab Team

The Identity Preserved Grain (IPG) Laboratory of the Illinois Crop Improvement Association (Illinois Crop) has been in existence since the late 1980's. A trend was developing at that time in the grain and other agricultural industries; business at all levels — grower, elevator, transporter, and processor — was beginning to be driven by value delivered to the next link in the supply chain.

Companies began to select their raw material crops based on qualities other than the traditional FGIS grading standards. Grain containing desired characteristics was stored and handled separately from grain not possessing the valuable traits. This is the basis of the concept known as identity preservation (IP). Processors were also willing in many cases to pay more for crops possessing the desired traits, sharing the value in an effort to maintain a steady supply. Farmers liked this idea, and the seed suppliers began developing cultivars for a specific end uses to meet this growing demand.

The IPG Lab was established with the purpose of measuring the desired characteristics of corn, soybeans, wheat and other crops for customers in Illinois, across the country, and around the world. Testing methods were researched, set up, and in some cases developed to meet the needs of the grain industry for independent third-party analysis. The IPG Lab has strived to offer the most relevant, reliable, and recognized testing methods for reasonable fees.

The Identity Preserved Grain Laboratory staff is always available to answer your questions and explore opportunities. If you would like to request some of our publications or need to initiate discussions about your needs please contact us at 217.359.4053.

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Identity Preserved  Grain Lab Team

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