July 11, 2017

Palmer Amaranth Testing

Pat Tranel and graduate student Brent Murphy, University of Illinois, have developed a way to identify Palmer amaranth DNA from within a mixed seed sample without having to grow the plants or test individual amaranth seeds. See how this powerful new tool can help you assess your samples for noxious weed seed by reading more on our news page. Samples for purity can be submitted to the Illinois Crop Improvement Association for separation of the pigweed seeds. Alternatively, previously separated pigweed seed samples can be submitted directly to the U of I Extension's Plant Clinic.

Soybean Deadline August 1st

Soybean pre-harvest field inspection applications for Illinois are due August 1st. Foundation or parent field inspections were due July 1st. A timely application means a timely field inspection. To certify crops, Illinois Crop must inspect the field at the proper life stage or maturity stage of the crop. Late applications can also cause you to miss out on being listed in the directory. The Grower's Directory is a marketing and advertising opportunity that you should take advantage of. Your authentication fee and acrerage charges go farther when you are being listed in both the on-line and print versions of our publications.

Apply today for an independent field inspection.

Attention Approved Conditioners

The Iowa State seed conditioning and quality testing workshop series is being offered again this summer. These are small group sessions that feature a mix of classroom and "hands on" equipment operation of the pilot plant at the ISU Seed Science Center. For dates and more information see the registration page.

Soybean & Small Grain Seed Conditioning: July 10-13
Seed Treatment Workshop: July 19-20
Soybean & Small Grain Seed Conditioning: July 24-27
Gravity Separation: August 1
Gravity Separation: August 3
Seed Corn Conditioning: August 7-10
Seed Corn/Soybean Quality Testing: August 15-17

Shipping Seed?
Need a Phytosanitary Field Inspection?

Illinois Crop is accredited under the National Seed Health System for phytosanitary field inspections. From breeding nurseries to production fields, Illinois Crop is authorized to inspect the following crops in Illinois and Puerto Rico; corn, soybean, sunflower, cotton, wheat, sorghum and now dry bean.

Apply today for an NSHS Accredited field inspection.

Electronic Field Inspection Applications

We encourage you to use our electronic field inspection application form. A relatively simple spreadsheet can be submitted in lieu of traditional paper forms. Illinois Crop accepts submissions downloaded from your system or applications made with our template. The application templates are available on our Forms page. As always, field results are available on-line by clicking the login lab and field results link and selecting "field inspection" prior to entering your user ID and Password. Field inspection application dates and policies are also posted on our deadline page.

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