August 26 2016

Xanthomonas Information

Information on Xanthomonas bacterial leaf streak of corn, or Xanthomonas vasicola pv. vasculorum (Xvv), is now being disseminated by national and local officials. Samples from seed corn fields submitted to the Plant Clinic by the Illinois Crop Improvement Association have shown no sign of the disease. Illinois Crop Improvement inspects fields for applicants under the National Seed Health System’s Field Inspection Accreditation Program. Inspectors are trained to fully inspect fields and submit samples from any unhealthy or abnormal plants. For more information on the disease visit the Bulletin and APHIS PPQ websites.

Update on Field Inspection Requirement for Chile

Not long after we shared the possible change in Chile's import requirements we received word from Ric Dunkle at ASTA and Chet Boruff at AOSCA that the changes should not take effect until the 2017/2018 crop/shipping seasons. Chet Boruff has been in touch with Guillermo Aparicio Munoz, Director of the Seed Certification Service in the Chile Department of Agriculture. Guillermo shared that "the Division of Agricultural and Forest Protection of our Service, in charge of establishing the import requirements, is studying the possibility of requiring a field inspection for HMV (high plains virus) as additional declaration on the phytosanitary certificate. For now, nothing is resolved, and any change would apply for next season (2017/2018)."

Winter Farm Surveys

The end of the season in the Northern hemisphere is in sight. Please take a moment to complete the following survey(s) or contact us with your anticipated winter farm service needs as soon as possible. We understand that your answers to the survey are subject to change and that they are only an estimate of your needs based on information at that time. Please feel free to contact Lizandro Perez at our PR Location 787-260-0022 or Doug Miller and Hannah Hudson at our Illinois location 217-359-4053 to discuss winter farm activities.

Nursery Survey
(Corn, Sunflower, Other)

Generation Advance Survey
(Soybean, Drybean, Legumes, Other)

More About our Winter Farm Pricing

Illinois Crop Improvement's Winter Farm is committed to delivering the best quality possible. We have demonstrated this commitment with another successful season of corn, sorghum, soybean, sunflower, peanut, dry bean and spring grains work on the island. As a member driven not-for-profit organization we strive to improve for the benefit of our customers. I am proud of the leadership our team has shown and I invite you to see for yourself what we can deliver.

Over the last three years, significant improvements to our operations and procedures have resulted in exceptional quality in both data and seed. Those of you that have been sharing stories with us of insect damage at your locations have given us reason to be proud and we "tooted our own horn" so to speak and do so again here. Our plan now is to improve the volume of work we are doing. Our pricing is flexible and we will offer rates below published prices if your volume increases, you provide direct referrals, or you pool with others to create larger planting blocks. New Puerto Rico pricing effective June 15th is available on the Illinois Crop Improvement website. Our pricing reflects our commitment to quality as well as the volume of work we currently have.

Please feel free to contact Lizandro Perez at our PR Location 787-260-0022 or Doug Miller and Hannah Hudson at our Illinois location 217-359-4053 to discuss winter farm activities.

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