November 28 2016

ASTA Chicago CSS Conference and Seed Expo

Come visit Illinois Crop Improvement or schedule a meeting during the upcoming ASTA meetings in Chicago. Illinois Crop will have a meeting room in the Expo Hall (Room M4) next to its display booth #539 on the Expo Hall floor. If you would like to explore or discuss seed testing, grain quality, field inspection or winter farm services please contact Doug Miller at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 217-359-4053.

Puerto Rico Planting Update

Due to rain and flooding on the farm, planting is behind schedule and some areas require replant. We have been in contact with the affected customers and hope the rains let up soon for planting. Rains also make it difficult to apply and effectively protect crops. While we are glad the drought is over, this year will have its own set of challenges.

Variation in Soybean Hilum Color

Environmental conditions can cause a lot of variation in the color of soybean hilums. Steve Beals, RST and Seed Lab Director says "what we would typically find in a black hilum sample is that the color can vary from shades of gray all the way to hilums that appear brown." The color on one end of the hilum will be black and the other end is brownish colored. Steve has even noticed some hilums that almost appear to be buff. "If you take a hand lens and look at the hilum on the seeds that are questionable, the color will not be even throughout the hilum and the hilum will appear to be another color or will not be consistent throughout" says Beals. For any hila that you are looking at, they should be a consistent and even color throughout the hilum to count against the sample as an off-type.

Illinois Crop Contributes

We recently received a thank you letter for our contribution to the Annual Meeting of the Puerto Rican Society of Agricultural Sciences (SOPCA Sociedad Puertorriqueña de Ciencias Agrícolas). SOPCA hosted 210 scientists and students at their 2016 annual meeting. A total of 36 oral presentations and 43 posters were presented on research related to agricultural sciences in Puerto Rico. Our annual contribution was used to provide economic support to those students. The letter was from Wilfred Robles, Ph.D., president of the SOPCA.

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