Corporate Overview

Over ninety years ago, the Ag Experiment Station and University of Illinois faculty and administrators were instrumental in establishing Illinois Crop as a freestanding, non-profit corporation to provide seed certification and crop improvement services in support of the state’s agricultural economy. The vehicle chosen to positively affect the state's agricultural viability has been quality seed and, consequently, the grain derived from quality seed. Illinois plays a pivotal role in the global seed and grain industries from seed development through grain processing. Illinois Crop has grown into a leading source of authentication, testing and winter farm services known and respected worldwide.

Illinois Crop, being an independent service provider, develops and offers a wide range of technical and service programs throughout the greater food and agriculture system. Our services are accessible and affordable to companies small and large. Illinois Crop provides a cost effective technical and service out-source business option. This business option encompasses ISO/IEC 17025:2005 laboratory accreditation and the Biotechnology Industry Organization’s (BIO) Excellence Through Stewardship (ETS) program. While many organizations already have stewardship and quality management programs in place, ETS provides industry guidelines for the adoption of stewardship objectives, principles, and management practices as well as third-party audits. ISO/IEC 17025:2005 laboratory accreditation includes all of the quality management principles required by ISO/IEC 2000:9001, plus technical competency. The laboratory accreditation covers testing and calibration performed using standard methods, non-standard methods, and laboratory-developed methods for seed, grain and trait services. A statement of scope is available here.

Illinois Crop has no stockholders and pays neither dividends nor patronage refunds. Should Illinois Crop ever be dissolved for any reason, 100 percent of the assets will revert directly to the Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station to once again assure the assets will be used for the public benefit. Illinois Crop is allowed to generate and retain appropriate reserves to assure its ability to provide service to the industry during down business cycles. The reserves may be used to support the exploration and development of new services that may benefit the industry. Illinois Crop has used these reserves to establish and operate the Puerto Rico Station in 1985, the Identity Preserved Grain Lab in 1988, and the Greenhouse Program in 1994. Reserves were also used in 1991 to purchase and develop the headquarters’ facility in the Interstate Research Park.

Proficiencies and Accreditations:

View and/or download a PDF listing of Illinois Crop's seed lab, IP grain lab and field service accreditations and other proficiencies.


Illinois Crop

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Management Team

Illinois Crop Improvement’s senior management team is comprised of the chief executive officer and operations manager. Those positions are held respectively by Doug Miller and Hannah Hudson.

CEO Doug Miller joined Illinois Crop in 1994 as Illinois Crop’s first Greenhouse Supervisor. Miller is a Registered Genetic Technologist and holds a Masters degree in Plant Pathology with an emphasis in genetics from Kansas State University. He is a past president of the Society of Commercial Seed Technologists and has served on the genetic technology board of examiners.

Operations Manager Hannah Hudson joined Illinois Crop in 1979 working in all facets of Illinois Crop. A graduate of Parkland College and Eastern Illinois University, she currently oversees all certification activities at Illinois Crop and is a primary contact for Puerto Rico winter farm clients.

Illinois Crop Improvement provides two main services: information and seed. Information ranges from seed certification, germinations and milling characteristics to trait tests, greenhouse bioassays and winter growouts. Illinois Crop does not own or sell seed, but our nursery, trait-introgression and small-plot services in Puerto Rico are committed to quality seed produced with integrity.

Illinois Crop Improvement’s core values of quality and integrity are the company’s soul, guiding it in good times and bad. They are essential for everyday business and for the continuous journey towards excellence. IL Crop strives to understand how the quality and integrity of our services affect your business.

Our core values will not tell us exactly what the organization will be doing next year or in ten years. The organization may change in response to the needs of agriculture but its foundation will never shift from its core values. Illinois Crop Improvement is dedicated to quality and integrity and serves as a third-party to everyone in agriculture.


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 Technical directors Steve Beals and Matt Raymond all serve on the  greater management team.

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