Stewardship Services

 From the research phases of seed development, to trait introgression and pilot seed production, all the way through to the growing and marketing of high-quality seed, Illinois Crop provides the most comprehensive stewardship services that will advance the commercialization of your diverse and sophisticated seed products.

From seed development . . . alt

Illinois Crop combines ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory testing capabilities with biotechnology stewardship expertise to provide the highest level of seed authentication and quality management throughout the life cyce of your product. But Illinois Crop takes stewardship even further . . .

. . . to the commercial farm. 

Having a deep understanding of the critical nature of stewardship programs, Illinois Crop’s stewardship services don’t stop at the lab, or even the seed co’s shipping department. Rather, Illinois Crop’s commitment includes engaging growers and other stakeholders about your technologies and obligations, so they fully understand why upholding best practices is to their advantage too.

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