Identity Preserved Services

Since the 1980s, when advancements in seed science first began to mark the trend toward differentiated, value-added seed based on the recognition of specific genetic or physical characteristics, Illinois Crop Improvement Association has been providing agriculture with the services necessary to optimize these opportunities.

Today, you can contact Illinois Crop for more information regarding:

AOSCA Identity Preserved Programs

IP logoIdentity Preserved (IP) refers to the maintenance of a product’s specific traits or characteristics through growing, production and marketing channels. The purpose of AOSCA’s IP certification program is to assist in preserving the genetic and/or physical identity of a product. In order to use the IP logo, these specific minimum requirements must be met. Identity Preserved programs are designed to assure the identity of certain traits or physical qualities. Several AOSCA IP programs have been specifically developed to address transgenic crops and these provide a “systems approach” to assure that certain products meet tolerance levels of genetic material derived from biotechnology.

testingThird-party Testing

Illinois Crop’s Identity Preserved Grain (IPG) lab conducts intensive research and independent validation to confirm your products’ genetic attributes and trait enhancements.


Seed Development Consulting

Illinois Crop can also work with you to protect regional, national and international grain markets. Your seed products may have exceptional agronomic and performance characteristics; but have you ascertained how they may affect other growers including identity preserved and premium based systems?


Complete IP and Quality Management Programs

altBeyond the lab, Illinois Crop provides comprehensive and customized IP and QC processes and auditing to ensure your seed’s purity and trait uniformity from breeding all the way through production, handling, conditioning, bagging and storage.

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